Thursday, July 14, 2016

AT&T Refer-A-Friend Program

If you just signed up for any AT&T service (Wireless on a $39.99 per month or higher rate plan; Home Phone including Wireless Home Phone; Internet including AT&T Gigapower; Home Security including Digital Life on a $39.99 per month or higher rate plan; and TV including DIRECTV), you and I can both get a $25.00 gift card per service directly from AT&T by signing up for the Refer-A-Friend program.

Just follow the steps...
  1. To be eligible to earn a referral reward you must activate new qualifying AT&T service and have registered in the Refer-A-Friend program within 14 days of activation date. Or register for the program first and qualify for rewards for all qualifying AT&T services you purchase over the next 45 days; once service is activated, you need to return to the program website and confirm service activation by reporting your AT&T phone / account number.
  2. Click following referral link
    This step is CRITICAL since that's how they link my account to yours!
  3. Complete the rest of the registration.
  1. You can leave your name and email in the comment section (it won't be published) and I will send you an email invitation (referral) directly from AT&T within 24 hours.
That's it. It will take AT&T about 45 days for verification and another 4-6 weeks for them to deliver the gift card in the mail! You can use that gift card to pay for AT&T service bill or things you buy at AT&T stores.